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Can I Eat the Sun Please? 5 Unusual VR Experiences to Stimulate All Senses

Unusual as they are, these highly immersive VR experiences will ensure you a ton of mixed emotions.

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Feb 14

First it was about helping you escape the world, stepping into a completely new one, then we saw the introduction of VR flight simulators. This was followed by science fiction stories ( The Lawnmower Man , for instance), which indicated that the world would soon become familiar with Virtual Reality.

The ambitious experiments with virtual reality go on. Over the past a few years, many innovative VR projects have evolved from simple proofs of concept to large, complex narratives and detailed installations. A common trend seems to be that VR developers now do their best to create endlessly imaginative projects that involve all the human senses into a fully immersive experience .

So, here are some exciting novelties in the VR world. They all share one common feature: a hint of creepiness that might be powerful enough to spark your curiosity.

Sweet Dreams: A Real Meal in Virtual Setting

Project creators: Robin McNicholas, Ersin Han Ersin, Barnaby Steel, Nell Whitley
Can I eat the Sun for breakfast?

There is little chance that many normal people have pondered this rather Seussian question. However, when we are full of desire in Sweet Dream’s virtual environment, where we have tried and tasted everything else possible, we are left with the Sun as a last option.

The Health Care Industry Is Using It. Health care is actually one of the leading industries that have fully embraced this technology. For example, medical schools are now using virtual reality to teach and train doctors on conducting complex medical procedures and operations. There are also simulations that are engaging doctors in certain medical situations in real life. For patients, virtual reality can be useful as well. Many hospitals now give patients virtual reality headsets instead of drugs to help relax them.

Nominated as the Best VR Installation in Sundance’s New Frontier section earlier last week, this artwork created by Marshmallow Laser Feast is so sophisticated that it fires all of your senses simultaneously.

The project serves up a delicious tale of desire in a world that’s unhealthily obsessed with new culinary experiences. It takes you on a magical journey through the so-called Luscious Delicious Land. Progress involves actual eating and drinking (assisted by a few real people from backstage).

You play the part of Lonny. She has been a citizen of Luscious Delicious Land for so long that she has indulged herself in her world’s every standard delight. Her overwhelming, powerful desires are now driving her to extreme measures, such as squeezing a thousand lobsters into a single shot and injecting butter directly into her veins. Now, her ultimate ambition is to eat the Sun, itself.

Sweet Dreams appears sweet and light-hearted, however this façade masks a moral drama about the dangers of desire.

Orcz Evolve: Alpha Edition

Orcz evolve, how about you?

Orcz Evolve VR is a sci-fi wave shooting orcz-and-other-filth annihilation gaming experience.

The earth has ceased to exist. You have crash-landed on a lush planet where locals are not really delighted to see you, especially when they are given a direct order to make you dead or deader.

There are no people, just targets.

Created by an army led by two young (and hungry) game wizards, Vahe and Levon from ARLOOPA , the gameplay features the struggle between the fictional humanoid creatures, orcs, and their warm-blooded counterparts.

Tell you something interesting, U.S. government is in love with the VR Technology. NASA makes use of technology to connect engineers with the devices they send into space. Using Oculus and Xbox One gaming console, NASA engineers are developing ways to control a robotic arm with gestures made by operator on Earth.

But things are not that simple: even fancy weapons are not enough to beat an enemy that evolves. You will need to use your human intelligence!

You will see them, you will hear them, you will touch them and you will feel the smell of fear that your enemies emit constantly…

The enthusiastic authors have relished creating the game after exploring tons of famous and not so famous games out there.

Let’s build a game we want to play, finally!

The game is set to launch officially on the Oculus store in a matter of days. Early access is however possible for only $2.99. Get early access .

Gloomy Eyes

Credit: Sundance Institute

Going back to Sundance, another prominent VR experience, and winner of the best animation award, is Gloomy Eyes by Atlas V . This is a dark, yet amazing three-part animated mini-series with a plethora of emotions.

The virtual reality animated adventure depicts a year that is an alternative 1983, when the Sun has vanished under the ground. A religious leader is spearheading a campaign against zombies — only to find out that his young daughter has fallen in love with one of them.

The central character is a small zombie called Gloomy, who is trying to make sense of a desolate world, wrecked by continual conflict between humans and zombies.

Credit: Sundance Institute

Narrated by Colin Farrell, Gloomy Eyes is adorable with just a hint of horror. Instead of obsessing with an epic struggle, the focus on a romantic relationship will remain in future episodes.

Most of the major brands worldwide are investing in some way in virtual reality.

VR Roller Coaster Ride

The Roller Coaster ride is an adrenaline-packed VR experience with a pinch of salt… A whole bucket of salt.

Available on the App Store , Google Play and Oculus , the Roller Coaster takes you on an adventurous mind-trip in the fictional land of Cave Depths.

The two-minute ride, accompanied by hyper-realistic sounds of nature , boasts interactive components, where you can choose your direction with a head movement.

The creators say VR has given them a chance to explore faster-paced experiences, where, even though motion sickness is not uncommon, a user is able to see and feel the amazing landscape all around them.

VR Skydiving onto the Statue of Liberty

Skydiving is great and usually it is also safe. However, in case you have not mustered the courage to try it yet, here is an astounding VR skydiving experience that generates almost as much adrenaline in a far safer environment — your home.

Created by SkydiVR , a US Parachute Association STAR awardee , this immersive experience places you into thin air above the stunning New York Harbor, which from that distance looks like a mere pond among many other tiny looking objects.

Your adrenaline keeps driving higher and higher until at one point it seems like your brain has stopped processing the distance. You are able to control your direction.

Credit: SkydiVR

And as soon as your sense of the world starts to return, you find yourself landing directly on the Statue of Liberty!

Virtual reality is being used in health care. It allows medical students to practice dangerous procedures and gain experience without actually operating on a human. It can also help surgeons determine the best point of entry for surgeries.

The author behind the experience, who is also a skydiving instructor, finds that VR helps students learn how to navigate their parachutes more effectively.

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