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Collegiate VR Esports League Launches Season 2

Less than a year after students organized the Collegiate Virtual Reality Esports League, the CVRE has started their second season featuring competitions in Beat Saber and Echo Arena.

Last August we published an article in VRespawn about the history of CVRE and how it could impact collegiate level esports, then we had the opportunity to meet some of the young professionals at Oculus Connect 5 in September. They’re serious about their mission: “to create an environment for student VR and esports enthusiasts to gather and enjoy fun, competitive play, as well as to build a community of teams representing universities across North America.”

While many students are interested in higher level competitions, Madison Hight, vice-president of VR at Berkely, points out that “the key aspect of CVRE is that it’s focused on providing access to VR equipment and games for students and providing them a space for mentorship – whether they are interested in casual or professional play.”

This attitude is essential because it allows the ecosystem to grow overall rather than simply maintaining a focus on the elite athletes who want to advance to professional VR esports.

Check out the CVRE website and tune into their Twitch channel to watch some of the season 2 competition. We’re sure to see this group continue to grow so if you enjoy collegiate level sports, this is something to start watching now.

Beat Saber Schedule – Season 2

(All times are in Central Standard Time. Subject to change.)

  • Feb 17 | Baylor v. Miami | 12:00pm
  • Feb 17 | Berkeley v. Florida | 7:00pm
  • Feb 28 | Clemson v. Baylor | 12:00pm
  • Mar 3 | Berkeley v. Miami | 12:00pm
  • Mar 21 | Clemson v. Florida | 7:00pm
  • Mar 24 | Baylor v. Berkeley | 12:00pm
  • Apr 4 | Clemson v. Miami | 7:00pm
  • Apr 7 | Florida v. Baylor | 12:00pm
  • Apr 18 | Clemson v. Berkeley | 7:00pm
  • Apr 21 | Florida v. Miami | 12:00pm

Echo Arena Schedule – Season 2

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(All times are in Central Standard Time. Subject to change.)

  • Feb 7 | Baylor v. Clemson | 7:00pm
  • Feb 10 | St Clair v. Florida | 12:00pm
  • Feb 10 | Miami v. Berkeley | 7:00pm
  • Feb 21 | Miami v. Clemson | 7:00pm
  • Feb 24 | St Clair v. Berkeley | 12:00pm
  • Feb 24 | Baylor v. Florida | 7:00pm
  • Mar 7 | Clemson v. Berkeley | 7:00pm
  • Mar 10 | Miami v. Florida | 12:00pm
  • Mar 10 | St Clair v. Baylor | 7:00pm
  • Mar 28 | Clemson v. St Clair | 7:00pm
  • Mar 31 | Florida v. Berkeley | 12:00pm
  • Mar 31 | Baylor v. Miami | 7:00pm
  • Apr 11 | Florida v. Clemson | 7:00pm
  • Apr 14 | St Clair v. Miami | 12:00pm
  • Apr 14 | Baylor v. Berkeley | 7:00pm
Click on the image to see action from the CVRE Season 2 opening games.


Below are the collegiate teams and team members. We wish them all the best for a fun, successful experience throughout season 2!

Baylor University – “Baylor VR Club”

Waco, Texas

  • Bears

Echo Arena:

  • Cameron Hay – “ BaylorVRClub
  • Trevor Irion – “ BaylorVRClub2
  • Nathan Hill – “ BaylorVRClub3

Beat Saber:

  • Same as above


UC Berkeley – “Ursa Major”

Berkeley, California

  • Also Bears (but golden)

Echo Arena:

  • Madi Hight – “ neonpurpleraven
    • Vice President of [email protected]
    • Studied Cognitive Science (neurosci, compsci, psych, linguistics, philosophy)
    • Loves gaming, gardening, hiking, cooking, Lego, and starting projects but not finishing them
    • Teaches “Advanced Digital Animation” on campus
    • Currently developing a narrative-based VR game and helping build CVRE
    • Is watching all of Naruto, even the filler
  • Ross Luo – “ y02u
    • Poached eggs are best eggs
    • Chemistry pre-med turned computer science
    • Thinks Battlefield 1942 is the best Battlefield

Tell you something interesting, U.S. government is in love with the VR Technology. NASA makes use of technology to connect engineers with the devices they send into space. Using Oculus and Xbox One gaming console, NASA engineers are developing ways to control a robotic arm with gestures made by operator on Earth.

  • Peru Dayani – “ BerkeleyUrsaMajor
    • Throws great parties
    • Plays basketball
    • Enjoys hiking and doodling
    • Thinks BO2 was the best Call of Duty game ever
    • Die-hard OKC fan


Clemson University – “Clemson Esports”

Clemson, South Carolina

Echo Arena:

  • Maurice Barnett – “r3cebarnett”
    • Captain of Echo Arena
    • Computer Engineering Junior
    • Likes sports and watches every Clemson sporting event
  • Timothy Moss – “tmoss94”
    • Echo Arena Supreme 2v1
    • Electrical Engineering Grad Student
    • Loves pugs
  • Sean Kelley – “strider”
    • Enjoys long walks on the beach
    • Enjoys the desperate pleas for mercy by his opponents
    • #1 Grabber
  • Jason Lyle – “OtterKing” Jason Lyle – “OtterKing”
    • On Smite A Team
    • Computer Science Junior

Beat Saber:

  • Timothy Moss – “tmoss94” Timothy Moss – “tmoss94”
    • Loves mint chocolate chip ice cream
    • Still an Electrical Engineering Grad Student
    • Still loves pugs
  • Harrison Tann – “Samp1e”
    • Computer Science freshman.
    • Ice cream? Mint chocolate chip.
    • Also member of Clemson Esports’ CS:GO team
    • Double black diamond snow skier
  • Cameron Keyser – “Jazzieee” Cameron Keyser – “Jazzieee”
    • Premed
    • LOOOOVES mint chocolate chip ice cream
    • Has cat with 3 legs
  • Sean Kelley – “strider” Sean Kelley – “strider”
    • Loves. Mint. Chocolate. Chip. Ice. Cream.


Florida International University – “FIU VR Club”

Miami, Florida

Echo Arena:

  • Haczar Criollo – “ haczar ” Haczar Criollo – “ haczar
    • President of Immersive Technology Club at FIU
    • Led a team of students in creating a whiteboard application in VR called infinite whiteboard
    • Currently works on a firefighter simulator used by the miami-dade fire academy
  • Matthew Kress – “ mckress ” Matthew Kress – “ mckress
    • Graduate student at FIU
    • Built an architecture application called “kit of parts” where students use materials to create a model of their blueprints, used by students at FIU
    • Currently working on a new melee combat technique for VR

Virtual reality is being used in health care. It allows medical students to practice dangerous procedures and gain experience without actually operating on a human. It can also help surgeons determine the best point of entry for surgeries.

  • Ciana Rogers – “ kiwitwist
    • Senior at FIU
    • Working in VR educational research
    • Currently developing a vr assisted ASL translator using leap motion and machine learning

Beat Saber:

  • Haczar Criollo (above)
  • Matthew Kress (above)


Miami University – “Miami VR Club”

Oxford, Ohio

  • Definitely not Miami, FL

Echo Arena:

  • Taylor – “ Reukifellth
    • Team Captain
    • Competitive VR esports player
    • PooNanners knows me.
  • Brendan – “ Eric.hodgson
    • Echo arena isn’t his strong suit.
  • Kabir – “ regulace
    • Club president
    • Relatively new to VR
Proof: Reukifellth, Hasko7, Nerdburglar, StealthShampoo, PooNanners at VRespawn After Party following Oculus Connect 5.


Beat Saber:

St. Clair College – “Saints Gaming”

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Echo Arena:

  • Mizuchi- ” Name 1 – “ Mizuchi-
    • Makes a good sandwich
  • Tripl3-B
    • Connoisseur of fine pastimes like PC gaming and whisky
    • A+ at tangoing
  • zrglitch
    • Anime fanatic
    • Secretly a super saiyan
    • Has ascended past all other saiyans

Beat Saber:

  • Not participating this season

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