Every game confirmed for Oculus Quest
Every game confirmed for Oculus Quest
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Every Game Confirmed For Oculus Quest So Far

Darth Vader approaches you in the newest trailer for Facebook’s Oculus Quest standalone VR headset.

The system is entirely self-contained. Quest has no wires, it doesn’t need a PC or phone to operate and the price starts at $400.

“This is the one I’ve been searching for,” Vader says.

The Dark Lord might as well be talking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s broader hopes or Oculus Quest. Facebook is planning at least 50 titles for the system’s launch with more throughout the year. The trickle of game releases confirmed for the system is turning into a deluge and we’re confirming many of the titles planned for release on Quest in 2019.

The latest confirmations make it appear Facebook is curating a greatest hits from some of the first few years of PC and PSVR. Enabled by the included Touch controllers, Quest represents Facebook’s first true self-contained VR gaming console.

We’ll update this list over time as we confirm more titles coming to Oculus Quest. If you are releasing a game on Quest please reach out and let us know so it can be included! –

Oculus Quest Confirmed Launch Titles

Beat Saber

Beat Saber sold 1 million copies in less than a year on wired VR headsets. During a recent discussion with the CEO of Beat Games he didn’t rule out the possibility that Beat Saber could be bundled with Oculus Quest. We played a few of the included songs on Quest recently and enjoyed the wireless freedom quite a bit. Its inclusion on Quest is so important, Oculus CTO John Carmack went so far as to help optimize tracking code for the game. Developers plan to include the existing game’s primary modes, including the Expert+ difficulty which tests the limits of controller tracking on any Beat Saber VR system .

Mods are unlikely in the Quest version, but its licensed music and official beat mapping are a lot of fun. We can’t wait to play it at Quest launch.

Superhot VR

Superhot’s basic geometric shapes and Matrix-like game mechanics — time only moves when you do — are even more freeing on Oculus Quest when you don’t have to think about getting tangled up in a wire .

Creed: Rise To Glory

Creed: Rise To Glory puts players in the gloves of some of the most famous fictional fighters ever to see the big screen from the Rocky universe. From Survios, Creed offers you the chance to embody these fighters and punch your way to a championship. If you’re a fan of the Rocky or Creed movies, the music over the opening credits should be enough to give you a chill and start your adrenaline pumping. You’ll need it for the battles ahead.

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy 3D Gaming Console. Similar to SEGA, Nintendo also had the vision of putting out a Virtual Reality headset for the gaming market. They even went as far as putting a VR headset on the market, but unfortunately it didn’t make it far. Released in the mid 1990s and known as the Virtual Boy, the device was a 3D gaming console that had a 3D viewing system rigged out to look like virtual reality. While it was way cheaper than the other options on the market at the time, the device also didn’t manage to truly spark the VR movement, simply because it lacked head-tracking and quality graphics and only offered stereoscopic 3D display.

Sports Scramble

sports scramble

Sports Scramble brings playful elements into a Wii-like tennis game. Physics can change and elements from other sports get mashed in for unexpected surprises.

Robo Recall

Intense robot shooter Robo Recall is making the jump from Oculus Rift to Oculus Quest in some form. The project from Epic Games looks gorgeous on PC with realistic physics for robots that can provide the player a satisfying sense of robo destruction. We’ll be curious to see how much of the game makes it to Quest and how well it all translates.

Dead & Buried II

dead and buried 2 multiplayer vr shooter

Facebook’s internal development team took over creation of this multiplayer shooter. The most recent demo we saw of the game include free controller movement with fast-paced team combat. We likened it a bit to feeling like Quake.

Face Your Fears 2

Face Your Fears is one of the most popular Oculus Studios titles as it offers visitors a quick and easy way for people to scare themselves or someone they love in VR.

Face Your Fears 2 adds a story and free movement for a more fully-developed scare.

Journey Of The Gods

Crossbow, sword and shield are some of the tools Turtle Rock Studios equip players with in Journey Of The Gods. Hulking monsters were threatening a quiet village in the game and I successfully battled them off in my brief demo at GDC 2019.

Turtle Rock is an experienced studio when it comes to VR game development and we’ll be curious to hear more about this game prior to launch.


Moss is a charming third-person platformer (9/10 ) game that is slightly out of place among all the other hand-controlled games on this list. It is a beautiful game, though, with gorgeous storybook worlds. Its satisfying puzzles should be nice to play on Oculus Quest as well.

Job Simulator

Google-owned Owlchemy Labs is the company behind one of VR’s highest-selling games — Job Simulator. The title is popular for a wide range of players as an introduction to VR. The game features several different playful roles to slip into, including auto mechanic, office worker, chef, and convenience store worker.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode 1

We don’t know much about this one yet, but more Star Wars is never a bad thing.

Oculus Quest Titles Planned For 2019

Space Pirate Trainer

Virtual Reality's Future. Some people say that virtual reality might replace all reality in the future, and there are also worries about the future of humanity because of it. But those fears have no basis in reality. Virtual reality only supplements reality instead of replacing it. Numerous industries have benefited from the rise of this technology, and most consumers are also loving their virtual reality experience. The future looks very bright for virtual reality, especially as the technology improves.

space pirate trainer oculus quest

Space Pirate Trainer is arguably the definitive arcade wave shooter of VR’s first consumer generation. I-Illusions tuned SPT’s drone-fighting mechanics, progression, and enemies over years of development while bringing the game to practically every platform featuring dual hand controllers.

On Quest, developers say they are currently experimenting with larger playspaces which might be enabled by the Insight tracking system.

Rec Room

Cross-play between PC, PSVR, and Quest is confirmed for Rec Room — a social VR multiplayer service from Seattle-based startup Against Gravity. The service offers an interconnected set of realms with a variety of games to play and adventures to embark upon. It is available on existing VR headsets and works outside VR too.

The Climb

the climb

The Climb was one of the prettiest games to see for the original Oculus Rift. Look up, find places to grip with your hands, and do your best not to fall down.

It is easy to play but we’ll be curious to see how it looks on Oculus Quest.

Virtual Desktop

One of VR’s most useful apps, Virtual Desktop, is making the leap from Oculus Go to Quest — bringing with it the ability to log into a PC from anywhere and operate it in VR.

The project is planned to launch at the same time as Quest.

Shadow Point

Experienced VR studio Coatsink employs the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart in this puzzler which looks like it uses an eyeglass to see between worlds. It is still a bit mysterious but we’re very excited to learn more about this next project from Coatsink.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

Drop Dead is an early VR zombie shooter that worked around severe limitations of Gear VR and has since been ported to Rift and elsewhere. The screenshot above makes it seem like this new version will take full advantage of the new dual touch controllers since we see an axe in one hand and gun in the other.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Several years after its original release Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes remains in a category by itself. The multiplayer game teams up a player in VR with a bomb in hand while their assistant(s) outside shouts out instructions to defuse it. Like any great cooperative venture, it’ll make your friendship stronger or end it forever.

The Under Presents

Los Angeles-based studio Tender Claws is developing this mind-bending theatrical title funded by Oculus Studios which focuses on a “vaudeville stage that exists in a special dimension outside time and space.” The studio is known for projects which explore existential questions related to VR and AR, and we’re excited to give this one a try.

Virtual reality has been added to some theme park roller coasters since 2015.


You take to the air flying in a wingsuit in Rush. The game is already available on Oculus Go so it shouldn’t look too different on Oculus Quest.


Ultrawings is a flying game already available on Oculus Go. That version of the game features four types of aircraft, each with different handling and four different islands to see.


vTime is a social VR service available on practically all headsets and even on mobile phones as a “window” mode without a headset. It lets you sit around and talk with people in VR, a bit like a virtualized chat room.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

We received an email confirming the Racket Fury table tennis game is coming to Oculus Quest but we haven’t heard anything else confirmed about the title yet.

Eleven Table Tennis

Another VR table tennis game is planned for Oculus Quest but not much else is known.

Apex Construct

Apex Construct’s bow and shield combination (8/10 ) provided a satisfying combination on wired systems. We can’t wait to see how it looks and feels on Quest.

I Expect You To Die

Schell Games is one of the most prolific VR developers and I Expect You To Die is its biggest title. The puzzle game faces the player with a series of dangerous missions to solve quickly…or die.


vrchat quest oculus spring

Social VR service VRChat is coming to Oculus Quest. For those unfamiliar, VRChat is an interconnected series of worlds similar to a few other services on this list with lots customization options. We’re still waiting for details on how many worlds will be accessible inside the standalone headset or how many people maximum can visit a world together.

Fruit Ninja VR

Slicing objects with swords in VR is fun . Long before Beat Saber attached the addictive activity to music, Fruit Ninja VR was there early on to satisfy the need to slice. Quest should be a perfect fit for the art and gameplay style.

Angry Birds VR

Angry Birds VR is coming to Oculus Quest as the franchise fully makes the leap from 2D screens to 3D physics.

Dance Central VR

Dance Central VR from Harmonix is planned to launch with 32 songs across a range of genres. Multiplayer is planned as well so you can jump online for dance battles.

Vacation Simulator (Holiday 2019)

Vacation Simulator New

The sequel to Job Simulator with more activities and a larger world to explore should be coming to Oculus Quest in time for the holidays 2019.


Fitness-focused game BoxVR is confirmed as coming to Oculus Quest as well.

The VR Today. Currently Virtual Reality is growing in popularity and while companies like the Oculus Rift are losing some of their customers because of unpopular marketing practices, other devices, including the HTC Vive are taking the VR stage. Furthermore, with Google Cardboard creating the concept and other companies taking note, Smartphone Virtual Reality Goggles are letting consumers easily enjoy and experience immersive virtual and augmented reality. With huge consumer base, the multiple platforms for development, and the lack of many VR games and experiences, small start-ups as well as huge companies are investing huge amounts of money into the development of content for Virtual Reality, which might very well help VR finally achieve the world-wide recognition it didn’t manage to achieve on the market for years.

SculptrVR (Quest Version Likely)

You can sculpt custom worlds like Minecraft in ScultprVR. We’ve heard Oculus Medium isn’t coming to the headset, so that should make SculptrVR a useful app on Oculus Quest.

Virtual Virtual Reality (Quest Version Likely)

First released for Google’s headsets, Virtual Virtual Reality’s existential exploration of multiple realities should be very at home on Oculus Quest.

Until You Fall (Quest Version Likely)

Until You Fall Schell Games Sword Fighting

Schell Games is developing this sword-fighting title which teaches players how to fend off attackers. The studio is very bullish on Quest overall , so we think it is likely coming to Quest.


Fishing game Bait! from Resolution Games is one of the highest-grossing an most-popular VR games on Go and Gear VR and it’s confirmed for release on Quest as well.

If you’re working on a game that’s coming to Oculus Quest this year, let us know! –

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