Derail Valley :: Month #1 - Launch summary, Team expansion, Modding/co-op reward goals
Derail Valley :: Month #1 - Launch summary, Team expansion, Modding/co-op reward goals
Monthly Sitrep - October 2019 — Onward - Tactical VR FPS Game
Monthly Sitrep - October 2019 — Onward - Tactical VR FPS Game
Move to the Rhythm with Friends in New Multiplayer Mode for ‘Synth Riders’
Move to the Rhythm with Friends in New Multiplayer Mode for ‘Synth Riders’
Harmonix Adds Official Modding Support for Audica
Harmonix Adds Official Modding Support for Audica
BeatDrop 2 – Brand New Mod & Song Installer – BeastSaber
BeatDrop 2 – Brand New Mod & Song Installer – BeastSaber

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Pavlov VR - Junt

Hello everyone! ːsteamhappyː

Today we are launching a small update for Pavlov VR. We hope everyone out there is staying healthy and safe. The current epidemic the world is currently experiencing has affected personal lives in various aspects. Vankrupt Games is no different and has caused some delays in our production. We are humbled by the outpour of support from our community and appreciate your patience in these trying times. We are still laboring away working on our biggest update ever for Pavlov currently set to release later this summer.

We wanted to get some of these new features out the door to help server admins and workshop creators hit the ground running with these new functions to better serve their communities.

We feel that user-generated content is one of the most impactful forces in our community, and we’ve expanded our tools as a result. We made character replacements easier and included a set of premade ones to choose from. We also have created custom item interaction and limited ammo functionality in the kit. You can see all the latest tools and functions with examples when you download the latest repro from Github. Check out our wiki to get started with map building.

We cannot name the invention of Virtual Reality to a single person. Many people contributed for the growth of VR technology. The five people who played a significant role are Morton Heilig, Jaron Lanier, Douglas Engelbart, Ivan Sutherland, and Myron Krueger.

Adding RCON for community servers helps hosts administer their servers with more control. Some of the long-requested features include persistent bans, ability to whitelist players, add moderators without restarting the server, give item/cash to the player, inspect player info, team switching, return server information, and more. If you are currently hosting or looking to host a community server you can read more about it on our wiki.

We have enhanced the way attachments can be handled in real-time. Simply rotate the gun to be parallel with your chest to highlight the attachments and use the trigger to remove them. There is a slight delay before the weapon will be highlighted to prevent accidentally grabbing in high-stress situations or normal reloading. You do not need to enter the blue highlighted removal mode in order to place an attachment. Attachments can be placed at any time. Attachment interactions can be disabled by mapmakers for custom game modes if needed.

You can also slide the sight and scope attachment back and forth on the Picatinny rail when placing them on the weapon. You simply need to hold the trigger when placing on the weapon to adjust, then release the trigger when you want to lock it in place.

Quality of Life Improvements

Community servers are now mixed in with your region by default when you start the game. This will allow the community servers to receive more visibility. Better sorting options have been added as well. The UI and menu will be receiving a complete overhaul in the future but we wanted to get these minor improvements out the door to help the community servers see more traffic and engagement.

Militaries are now using virtual reality to train soldiers in ways that will help better prepare them when they are actually deployed in combat.

The microphone has also been addressed. There is now an in-game menu option to choose your microphone hardware. There is also an activity indicator to make testing the microphone more easily than before.

For proper balance, the knife now sticks to a body when you stab or throw at someone. When you stab someone the knife is taken out of your hands and dropped for balance. The knife will then be able to be picked up again by the player.

Revolver cylinder now spins for random duration when flipping the cylinder back in place. You can hold the magazine release bind to replace the cylinder without spinning.

Future Content Coming This Summer

These new features being shipped today may not immediately be felt by the core player base, but we have been hard at work on our next major content release which has been a massive undertaking and we would like to show everyone a little sneak peek of what we are working on.

New Official Maps

World War IIMany of you may already be aware of our plans for World War II content. A lot of time and effort has been put into designing a large number of high-quality historic weapons. We’re creating content for Russian, US, and German powers set in the early to mid-1940s.

Scientists with NASA can use virtual reality to enable robot arms in space to perform gestures that are being done on earth with an operator.

Thank you everyone for your support ːsteamhappyː Stay tuned for summer!

Patch Notes

- Expanded blueprint functions for custom game modes for workshop creators.

- Added RCON logic to community server tools

- Added ability to edit balance table on community servers

- Added toggle-able skin pack (clown, prisoner, naked, farmer) for map makers and community servers

- Added new ability to remove and stow attachments

- Added ability to move attachment sights/scope forward and backward

- Added limited ammo enabled by map makers or community server console command (cannot force on custom game modes)

- Added more audio options addressing the microphone

- Added splash screen when switching maps

- Added Knife sticking in enemy body on kill

- Added Revolver cylinder spinning mechanic when flicked back into place.

- Enhanced how community servers and lobbies are viewed. They are now mixed together by default.

- Fixed community servers not cleaning up bodies

The Biggest Concerns. Despite the positives, there are some concerns about virtual reality. For example, some critics point out health and safety issues. If the technology is not used properly, users might suffer from health issues like seizures and other major discomfort. Some people could also trip and fall. There are also major privacy concerns with virtual reality. Some people fear that the headsets could lead to government surveillance, although there is no proof of that as of yet.

- Fixed random damage in zombies game mode

- Fixed glitch that allowed players to walk through walls with the menu open

- Fixed glitch that prevented gunshots from being heard by other players

- Fixed sawed off shotgun and revolver getting stuck open

- Fixed LGMA being able to fire with feed tray latch open

- Fixed bullet penetration in certain circumstances that would cause it to bypass or not pass through an object

- Fixed an instance of a client side bug that would automatically fire after reloading in burst mode

- Fixed ability to fully load the pump-action shotgun with a single shell

- Fixed glitch that allowed any round to be placed in Anti-tank rifle

- Fixed issue with placing magazines on chest when using Index or Oculus controllers

- Fixed watch being backwards for lefties

- Fixed buy menu tutorial with SteamVR default bindings in left hand mode

- Fixed gun selection bug where a player could pick up a dropped weapon from any distance

- ForceTube VR support added

- ːcsgo_chickenː

‘Audica’ Adds Official Support for Custom Beat Maps (Using the Game’s OST)
‘Audica’ Adds Official Support for Custom Beat Maps (Using the Game’s OST)
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Re-O-Ri on Steam
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