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Freediver: Triton Down is a Short VR Adventure Full of Good Ideas

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23 May

Adventure Update now Available! - Patch 0.9.5

Adventure UpdateA new Adventure awaits Dungeon Knight! We proudly present the latest update for VR Dungeon Knight. This update brings a new level of adventure to your dungeons with the addition of community requested Rooms, enemies, servants, and weapons. We added a massive performance update to make your dungeons raids even smoother and your frame rates higher. Also a big welcome to our new Composer: Daniele Zandara, who will be making new soundtracks for VR Dungeon Knight, including some amazing new tracks which are already included this update!
Next UpdateWe can also confirm that we are already hard at work on the next update (0.9.6). This new updated will be crawling to your Dungeon as soon as it is ready and is already one of our favorites yet!

Added: New RoomsTime to explore some new uncharted areas! We've added a whole array of new rooms, locations, and secrets to explore. Including the new Forgotten Dungeons, Mystic Caves and a whole new Trap room with Game Master Goblin.
Forgotten Dungeons

Some Dungeons are better left forgotten. These once mighty halls are now only roamed by lost souls and damned creatures. Do you have what it takes to purge the evil from the darkest depths?

Mystic CavesOld sages and druids used the Mystic Caves as their sacred ground for rituals and mysterious forms of magic and runecrafting. With big open rooms and small bridges, this location is one of our biggest yet in VR Dungeon Knight. Are you able to discover all of its secrets?

New Trap roomMeet Game Master Goblin. He likes cats, long walks on the beach and blowing stuff up. He invites you to his room which is all filled up with explosions and bombs. (and no cats). Find the key before the time runs out and you will be able to escape the room without.. exploding of fun!

Tell you something interesting, U.S. government is in love with the VR Technology. NASA makes use of technology to connect engineers with the devices they send into space. Using Oculus and Xbox One gaming console, NASA engineers are developing ways to control a robotic arm with gestures made by operator on Earth.

The Game master goblin is already working on other deadly trap rooms for future updates.

Added: Sorcerer of the Arcane Madness (Servant of the Necromancer)The true power of magic comes from Madness. This Sorcerer of old used to serve the Dungeon Knight until he traded his soul to the Necromancer in exchange for eternal life. He used his new found life to learn all sorts of tricks and dark magic slowly pushing him mad with power. His eternal deal, however, can still be broken by the death of the Necromancer. Only you can give your old servant the rest that he deserves.
Abilities and Statistics
  • Damage: 28 (Ranged: Axe of Madness)
  • Health: 700
  • MoveSpeed: Fast
  • Special Ability: Teleportation
  • Dodging: Can Dodge to avoid close combat
  • Throwable: Lantern of Madness (65 AoE Damage)
  • Projectile Armor: 85%
  • Magic Resistance: 90%

Added: God of Orcs (Servant of the Necromancer)

The work of the Dungeon Knight is a Blessing for most but can be a curse to others. In the eyes of the Orcs, the Dungeon Knight is a true menace. A plague that must be eliminated. The orcs have called forth their champion, the God of Orcs, to slay the Dungeon Knight once and for all. All hail the God of Orcs!

Abilities and Statistics
  • Damage: 45 (God Sword)
  • Health: 1800
  • MoveSpeed: Low
  • Special Ability: Rage (75% Damage Reduction when life goes under 40%).
  • Throwable: Magic Axe
  • Projectile Armor: 15%
  • Magic Resistance: -25%

Added: Slayer of Servants

Legends say that this deluxe claymore was once wielded by the Dungeon Knights of Old. This weapon was created by the most talented blacksmiths of the land and quickly caught the name: "Slayer of Servants" For his excellent ability to split his foes in half.
Abilities and Statistics
  • Damage: 85
  • Weight: 65
  • Legendary Weapon: Sets health to blessed whenever you kill a servant with this weapon.
  • Hidden: This weapon is hidden and must be found at a hidden altar.

Added: Staff of the Golden WizardThe Staff of the Golden Wizard belonged to one of the “greatest wizard” known to man. At least, that’s how the story was told. In reality, this staff belonged to a very wealthy, but not so great Lord. A true wizard is formed out of years of studying, practicing and learning and is eventually able to craft his own staff. But this greedy Lord just paid a lot of gold to forge a powerful staff for his own. All Lords and Ladies were very impressed by his might until he mishandled the staff and turned himself in Solid gold.

The State of VR in the Early 2000s. After so many capable devices on the market and so many let downs that didn’t truly capture the audience they deserved, virtual reality didn’t see much development in the early 2000s. Virtual Reality was at the background in the development of new technology. It took a step back, letting personal devices, such as computers, laptops, iPods, smartphones and tablets take over, which may very well have been the right step. With the development of new technologies, a new door was opened for virtual reality, because now head-tracking and capable displays were cheaper than ever before. However, it wasn’t before one start-up company mentioned the idea, that Virtual Reality truly took off on the consumer’s market.

Abilities and Statistics
  • Damage: 60
  • Weight: 50
  • Magic: Gold Fire. A hot golden magic projectile which travels in an arc.
  • Legendary: Gives 10% extra gold when you grab a gold pile.

Added: Unholy Dagger of Death

Best known for its owner, Death himself. Before the Dungeon knight of old banished him back to the realms of nothingness. It's now hidden away in the deepest dark cave possible and it's up to you to either wield it to use it's life stealing powers or to keep it hidden, to be forgotten forever.

Abilities and Statistics
  • Damage: 38
  • Weight: 20
  • Legendary Weapon: Lifesteals health when you kill an enemy while in the near-death state.
  • Hidden: This weapon is hidden and must be found in the deepest darkest of caves.

Added: Damage Resistance

All enemies now have advantages or disadvantages against projectiles and magic. Melee Damage is not affected by this.

Some take extra damage from ranged attacks, while others might evade or block some of the damage you deal. Get ready to learn your enemies weakness and use it against them!

Added: Improved Performance

Increasing the performance of the game is one of our highest priorities for full release. Due to the high atmospheric environments, the game can sometimes demand a lot of resources to load or run. After long and heavy hours of work, we're finally able to reduce resource loading drastically, which in return results in a much higher framerate and experience.

Added: Composer

A mighty wizard appears, this time with the power of Music! We are proud to announce the newest addition to VR Dungeon Knight, our new composer: Daniele Zandara. He will be composing new and amazing music tracks specifically used for Dungeon Knight. You can already hear some new soundtracks made by him in this update!

Changed: Orc

  • Health decreased from 1100 to 900.
  • Throwing axe damage increased from 30 to 40.

Changed: Orcling

  • Throwing knife damage increased from 31 to 35.

Changed: Skeleton Executioner
  • Health Increased from 250 to 450.

Changed: Sorcerer

The First Computer Virtual and Augmented Reality Headset – The ‘Ultimate Display’ Concept and the Sword of Damocles. If we could name one person as the father of Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets as we know them today, it would without a doubt be Ivan Sutherland. In the 1960s, he described the concept of the ‘Ultimate Display’ that would be able to stimulate reality to a point that the viewer would not be able to tell the difference between the virtual and the real world. His concept included a head-mounted display with 3D sound and tactile feedback, a computer that would create and maintain the virtual world through this device and the ability of a user to interact with objects from the virtual world in a realistic manner. Sutherland later created the first VR/AR head-mounted display, which was connected to a computer and not a camera, known as the Sword of Damocles. However, the contraption he made was too heavy for a person to wear comfortably on their head, so the device had to be suspended from the ceiling. Furthermore, the computer generated graphics were too primitive with wireframe rooms and objects.

  • Sourcerers now have an updated skin.
  • Projectile speed decreased from 20 to 14.
  • Sourcerers damage increased from 11 to 19.

Changed: Sorcerer of Unholy Order

  • Homing projectile is now replaced with a fixed projectile.
  • Changed health from 6000 to 3000.
  • Changed Finish him state threshold from 800 to 1200.

Changed: Pistol
  • Pistol now shoots 5% Faster

Changed: Dark Demonic Staff

  • Now fires 30% quicker
  • Damage fireball adjusted from 250 to 190
  • Damage melee reduced from 55 to 50.
  • Now fires in an arc instead of straight.
  • Reworked projectile particles.

Changed: Iron Mace
  • Better weight reduction on higher levels.
  • Reduced damage slightly on higher levels.

Changed: Staff of Light
  • Damage reduced from 55 to 50.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spawning in darkness when you teleported right before you proceeded to the next room.
  • Fixed Collision on the shrine bridge level where you would fall through.
  • Fixed Lighting issues.
  • Fixed UI and spelling.
  • Fixed heavy performance impact on some enemies.
  • Slo motion now triggers less on decapitations, only on the final kill.


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Thanks for all the support and feedback from our amazing community. This update is made possible by you guys!

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